Why Is The Rim Important? It’s Just a Plate or a Tray. Each Piece Has a History.

Many times, in creating the mosaics, I incorporate older, used objects into my art. Although the trays, plates and bowels have a certain beauty and character, the rim is the most important feature. The rim frames the mosaic and adds a sculptural element. It is an essential part of the art.

Below are a few images of my mosaic art where the rim is a key element.


The rim of this silver plated tray compliments the glass, creating a  luminous mosaic. The scalloped design at the edge of the rim adds the sculptural effect.
Brass Plate 1
The wide brass rim of the this plate accentuates the bold red and yellow glass in the mosaic. This  is an example of how the rim frames the mosaic and is an essential part of the art.
The wide, white rim with the blue trim framing the mosaic,  focuses the eye on the art. Once again, the rim becomes an essential part of the art.

Lady Oneida: Each Piece Has a History.

How to name a piece of art? It is difficult. Sometimes, it is better to let the piece speak for its self. However, in setting the mosaics within a tray or a dish, I name the piece after the manufacturer. Lady Oneida derives her name from the Oneida Company, the maker of this silver plated, butler’s tray. Oneida, founded in 1880 is still in business, part of the Anchor Hocking Company. They no longer make silver plated trays.

This vintage butler’s tray adds additional character to the mosaic. The handles and the flowered rim are distinct, complimenting the mosaic. The tray, originally tarnished and scratched, now has a new life as a piece of fine art.

Lady Oneida is decorative, functional and she may help to strike up a conversation.

Mosaics, Vintage Trays & Patina: Each Piece Has a History.


Wabi Sabi is wonderful concept of aesthetic values that originated in Japan, placing value on older objects. They might be scratched, nicked or tarnished. But over the years, they have acquired a distinctive character, a patina.

As part of my mosaic work, I search through second hand stores, looking for older objects such as vintage, silver plated trays that have character, patina.

In selecting the object, the rim is important as it frames the mosaic and becomes an essential part of the art. The pattern on the rim of the silver plated tray is distinctive and adds a sculptural element to the piece.



These older objects are usually tarnished and scratched. With a little elbow grease, they can be cleaned and restored. The flat surface of the silver plated tray is polished so that it reflects the light as it passes through the glass, creating depth and a luminous appearance to the mosaic.


New Amsterdam Abstract, Stained Glass Mosaic Set in a Vintage Silver Plated Tray.