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Welcome, I am Charlie Rees, an artist with a studio in Saugatuck, Michigan. I recently moved to Saugatuck. Previously, for many years, I had a studio in the Flat Iron Arts Building in the Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago. I have always been a painter, but in recent years, I have been working in stained glass, creating abstract mosaics.

Although stained glass and mosaics are ancient art forms, they are bold, contemporary art forms with different colors, opacity and texture. Stained glass is unique because of the interplay between the glass and light, allowing me to experiment and create compositions that are mosaics of light, line and color.

I am beginning a new series of stained glass mosaics, called “Each Piece Has a History”. In this series, I will explore junk and thrift shops, antique and estate sales, searching for vintage objects such as brass and silver plated trays, porcelain dinnerware and more. I am looking for objects that are tarnished, scratched or cracked, a testimony to their prior life.  

With care and cleaning, these vintage pieces can be given a new life and become an important part of the mosaic, not only to house and frame the piece, but they  can illuminate the stained glass mosaic.

The stained glass compositions, to me, are similar to music. As sound and music are to the ear, light and color are to the eye. Both have an emotional impact.

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