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The six stained glass mosaics, placed for sale in this online auction, are from my series, Each Piece Has a History. The mosaics are set and framed in vintage pieces such as silver plated trays, ceramic dinner plates and old mirrors. Their marks establish past use. Somebody, somewhere, sometime handled these vintage pieces. They have a history.

My online auction is hosted on Ebay from November 29 to December 4.

The reserve bids for each mosaic includes shipping and stand. For shipping outside the continental United States, there is a fee of $35. If you have questions, please email me at

The Polish Horses

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The Polish Horse mosaics are composed of stained glass set in ceramic dinner plates that were made in Poland for Crate and Barrel. The cobalt blue band on the rim accents and frames the mosaic. Each mosaic has a diameter of 12 inches. The starting bid for each of the Polish Horse mosaics is set at $ 100.

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Norfolk’s Horse

Norfolk’s Horse is composed of stained glass and set in a silver plated tray made by the Rogers Company. The mark of Norfolk is stamped on the back of the tray. The tray’s wide rim serves as an elegant frame for the mosaic and adds a sculptural element. Norfolk”s Horse is 16 inches long and 12 inches wide. The starting bid is set at $150.

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The Two Faced Ballerina

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The Ballerina Mosaic has two faces, set in a vintage, two sided, vanity mirror. The mirror is on a swivel and rotates. With the pedestal and base, the Ballerina mosaic is a unique small sculpture. The height of the mosaic is 12.5 inches. The starting bid for the Two Faced Ballerina is $150.

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The Iron Stone Ballerinas

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The Iron Stone Ballerinas are set in sapphire, iron stone dinner plates made in Japan. The blue rims are attractive, hand painted and compliment the mosaic. The diameter of the mosaic is 10.5 inches. The starting bid for each of the mosaics is set at $100.

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The Ballerinas Together

The Coronation Mosaic

The Coronation Mosaic is stained glass set in a silver-plated tray, oval shaped, 13.5 inches in length and 7.25 inches in width. The rim, with the floral engravings on each end, is a unique for the mosaic and adds a sculptural element to the piece.

The tray was made by the Oneida Silver Company to honor the coronation of Edward VIII as King of England (stamp on back of the tray). As WWII was approaching, Edward abdicated the throne to his brother George so he could marry Wallis Simpson, an American socialite, creating a major scandal. He was later known as the Duke of Windsor.

The starting bid for Coronation Mosaics is set at $150.

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