The Austin Wall, Abstract Painting in Stained Glass

The Austin Wall Clifford RossI was made aware of the Austin Wall by a Sotheby’s blog, titled  “Clifford Ross Brings Stained Glass Into The Digital Age.” Although I have not seen the Austin Wall in person, only through images on the internet, I thought it an impressive work. Stained glass, a 1,000 year old medium that most people associate with churches, is relevant to contemporary art. The Austin Wall is an example. People who like art should be aware of the power of stained glass and what can be accomplished in the hands of a talented artist.

austin image 5

Clifford Ross spent six years in designing, creating and building for the new federal courthouse  in Austin Texas. The Austin Wall is massive 28′ by 28′ and weighs over 6,000 lbs. To learn more about the Austin Wall, I recommend that you visit Clifford Ross’ website:

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