Mosaics, Vintage Trays & Patina: Each Piece Has a History.


Wabi Sabi is wonderful concept of aesthetic values that originated in Japan, placing value on older objects. They might be scratched, nicked or tarnished. But over the years, they have acquired a distinctive character, a patina.

As part of my mosaic work, I search through second hand stores, looking for older objects such as vintage, silver plated trays that have character, patina.

In selecting the object, the rim is important as it frames the mosaic and becomes an essential part of the art. The pattern on the rim of the silver plated tray is distinctive and adds a sculptural element to the piece.



These older objects are usually tarnished and scratched. With a little elbow grease, they can be cleaned and restored. The flat surface of the silver plated tray is polished so that it reflects the light as it passes through the glass, creating depth and a luminous appearance to the mosaic.


New Amsterdam Abstract, Stained Glass Mosaic Set in a Vintage Silver Plated Tray.


Author: Rees

I am a Chicago artist, painter and visual poet.

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