The Newport Abstract Conversion: Each Piece Has a History.

Vintage, silver plated trays are not fashionable. They sit discarded in second hand stores. However, I find them to be wonderful items that can be converted into colorful, luminous abstract art pieces, decorative and functional.

The Newport Abstract began with a vintage, silver plated tray made by Gorham Manufacturing; the mark, Newport Gorham, is stamped on the back. The image, below, shows the initial look of the tray, used and tarnished.

With work, the tray is converted into the Newport Abstract . It was essential that the surface of the tray to be highly polished to reflect light as it passes through the glass. This gives the piece a deep, luminous feel. The tray’s rim and handles frame the stained glass mosaic, adding a sculptural element.

Author: Rees

I am a Chicago artist, painter and visual poet.

2 thoughts on “The Newport Abstract Conversion: Each Piece Has a History.”

  1. Wonderfully work which must give pleasure to the Buyer.

    In the 1960 in Paris I had a go at
    Emamelling a similar type of Tray.
    Over 25cms heat became a problem…..buckeling etc

    Well done. KAUFMANN

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